glider ultra-light Supair EIKO2

Life is in the air

To fly higher and further, choosing the right equipment is essential.

Discover the equipment that suits you from the different product ranges designed by SUPAIR.

The glider Supair LEAF2 progression

Life is in the air

For 40 years, SUPAIR has been reinventing the practice of free flight to offer to the pilots ever more innovative equipment.

But do you know who is behind these harnesses and gliders?

Our current selections


Paraglider Supair Eiko2

The featherweight mountain-all-terrain glider for all Hike&Fly enthusiasts

The EIKO 2 is light and adaptable.
Playful, easy to fly, reassuring, the EIKO 2 keeps only the essential: the pleasure of flying.

Category: EN-A, B or C depending on size
Weight : 2,45 kg in 19


Supair Radical4 harness

Light and flexible harness for hike and fly

Particularly suitable for your mountain and hike & fly session, the Radical 4 is a lightweight reversible harness with removable airbag module, including an integrated reserve parachute subcutaneous in the harness.

Weight : 920 g ( Ready to Fly Medium ) or 2190 g in M with the reversible airbag module


Paraglider Supair En-A+ Birdy

The "Swiss Army knife" glider for daring or occasional beginner pilots

The key word: versatility.
Light, compact, agile and safe without compromising its durability, the BIRDY allows you to progress quickly while having fun.

Category: EN-A
Weight : 4,2 kg in M



The brand was created 40 years ago by Pierre Bouilloux, in Annecy. Initiator of the bivouac flight, holder of distance records, Pierre developed the first harnesses during his getaway in the mountains, his glider on his back. Over the years, SUPAIR has become a major international player thanks to its products, expertise, proximity to its customers and its location in the heart of the Alps.

Today, SUPAIR is made up of thirty young and passionate employees, a third of whom are dedicated to R&D. They all share the same reason for being, that of contributing to the joy of flying at paraglider.