glider leaf3 and leaf3 light progress at flight at the stubai cup

Everything you need to know about small wings 

How are Flying weight range established? Are they really less efficient than their big sisters?


Inflating exercise with ACCESS3 and EONA4

EONA 4 and ACCES 3 - Take to the skies

The EONA 4, our new glider school, is designed to offer total synergy with the ACCESS 3.

Discover the winning combo for instructors and novice pilots!

harness SUPAIR Acro4 color sand

ACRO 4 gets a new look for 2024

More modern and dynamic, the Sand color joins the usual Petrol to give you a wider choice of styles at flight !


LEAF3 Light - Make way for Hike & Fly

paraglider EN-B LEAF3 light color Sunset

Our current selections


glider paraglider Supair En-B Leaf3 Light

Progress with a light mind

Discover all the fun of the LEAF 3, only lighter. The LEAF 3 Light takes you to new heights, whether on foot or in the air, thanks to safe handling and optimized weight.

This glider EN-B is an ideal choice for pilots wishing to progress towards performance while enjoying the pleasures of flight hike .

Weight: 3.8 kg in size M


glider paraglider Supair En-B Leaf3

Playful and accessible

Accessible and reassuring, the LEAF 3 is theglider of progression par excellence. Its playful behavior has been reworked compared to the 2nd generation, for better performance in thermals and greater piloting comfort, even in turbulent conditions.

EN-B approved, the LEAF 3 accompanies the rider's progress in complete serenity, thanks to its solid structure and wide control travel. Tolerant and comfortable, it's the ideal teammate for discovering new horizons on flight without ever compromising safety.

Weight: 4.70 kg in size M



harness reversible for lightness, fun and safety in one bag

The must of reversible harness is back in its second generation: the ALTIRANDO LITE 2.

Light and comfortable, it is aimed at hike & fly lovers who want to equip themselves with a practical and easy to use harness. Its high level of accessorization makes it an equipment of choice, as much in flight as in hiking, thanks to its numerous storages as well as its ergonomic design which adapts to the morphology of its pilot.

Safety remains at the center of the design of the ALTIRANDO LITE 2 with a pre-inflated airbag that combines lightness and high protection level.

Weight: 2.83 kg in size M (with bag, carabiners, pod+handle and seat plate)



The brand was created 40 years ago by Pierre Bouilloux, in Annecy. Initiator of the bivouac flight, holder of distance records, Pierre developed the first harnesses during his getaway in the mountains, his glider on his back. Over the years, SUPAIR has become a major international player thanks to its products, expertise, proximity to its customers and its location in the heart of the Alps.

Today, SUPAIR is made up of thirty young and passionate employees, a third of whom are dedicated to R&D. They all share the same reason for being, that of contributing to the joy of flying at paraglider.