The SUPAIR team


Today, Supair is made up of thirty young, passionate employees, a third of whom are dedicated to R&D. They all share the same raison d'être, that of contributing to the joy of flying at paraglider.

These men and women are united by strong human values: teamwork, passion, respect, excellence and creativity. Together they design the harnesses, gliders, parachutes and accessories of tomorrow.

Led by Laurent Chiabaut for the past 11 years, this team is entering a new cycle, with a development based on the combination of safety and pleasure, all within a responsible and demanding environmental and social approach.

The design office

The design office or "B.E" is composed of a staff of about ten people whose mission is to design and develop the canopies, harnesses and accessories from the idea to prototype.

Romain Rousset

Romain Rousset

Harness designer

Designing the saddles and implementing them on the production lines.

Flying since 2007

Yoann Chavane

Harness designer

Manage harness projects in development and design the harnesses until they are put into production.

Flying since 2005 (all-rounder, international cross country competition)

Hugo Laronze

Hugo Laronze

Designer of harnesses and accessories

Design and develop new harnesses and accessories from paraglider.

Flying since 2009 (hike & fly, tandem, competition)

Gregoire Lombardi

Grégoire Lombardi

Test pilot

Test prototypes of glider and parachute. Discuss with the designer the feeling under the glider, the behaviour of the wing etc. Do tests in flight (manoeuvres for certification).

Flying since 2011 (flight distance and flight mountain)

Coralie Nuzzo

Coralie Nuzzo


Assemble the patterns to make the prototypes.


Andrea Inbert

Andrea Ibert


Assembly of the prototype harnesses. Taking care of after-sales repairs.

Abigail Buffet

Abigail Buffet

Model maker

Realization of the CAD patterns for the assembly of the prototypes.

Roman Barthelemy

Innovation designer

In charge of continuous improvement projects.

Flying since 2006

Hugo Chaboud

Hugo Chaboud

Methods Engineer

Define the method requirements for the industrialisation phase. Implement actions to optimise manufacturing methods and production management.

Flying since 2016 (cross country)

Pierre-Yves Alloix

Sail designer

To design and develop all the wings and parachutes in the SUPAIR range.

Flying since 1991 (instructor)

Philippe Vernerey

Philippe Vernerey


Accompanying managers and teams for a sustainable and profitable development for the company and the teams.

Flying since the 1980s

Rachel Dos Santos

Modeling apprentice

Realization of the CAD patterns for the assembly of the prototypes.

Maëva Rigal

Apprentice prototypist

Handling of after-sales repairs and prototyping.

The sales department

The sales department is represented by 6 people, they travel all over France to meet you at events and to meet our dealers for whom they are the main contacts. They are also the ones who answer your various emails and calls.

Clement Latour

Commercial Director

Organise and develop sales, nationally and internationally. Define pricing and sales policies as well as product range plans.

Flying since 2010 (XC, hike & fly, bivouac flight, soaring)

Guillaume Gensse

Guillaume Gensse

Sales & Marketing Officer

Promote the brand and sell Supair products in the field.

Flying since 2012 (cross country, hike & fly, freestyle, tandem)

Gigi Naville

Guilaine Naville

Export Sales & CSR Manager

Manage the client portfolio for major exports, statistics and commercial indicators. CSR project manager.

Vincent Maillet

Vincent Maillet

Sales Administrator

Manage customer orders according to stock levels.

Flying since 2015 (hike & fly)

Antoine Mermillod

Sales assistant

Listening to and serving our customers on a daily basis. Take orders and manage the after-sales service.

Flying since 2022

Charles Aubert

In charge of after-sales service and product control protocols

Manage the after-sales service and draft protocols for product control.


The marketing department

Our marketing department is made up of 3 people responsible for promoting the Supair brand in all forms, in the field alongside the sales staff, in the press and on the web.

Maeva Giacometti

Communication Officer

Manage all photo, video, 3D creation, product launches, team pilots, social networks, press relations and pro newsletters...

Flying since 1996 



Alexia Rabot


Bringing Supair to life on a daily basis, whether online, on the networks or in the field.

Flying since 2015 (cross country)

The financial/administrative department

Nadine Bouchet

Administrative and Financial Officer

Forecasting, budgeting, cash flow and accounting for the parent company and subsidiaries.

Sophie Gilson


Monitoring the accounting and cash flow of customers and suppliers.

Fabienne Chiloux


Monitoring the accounting and cash flow of customers and suppliers.

Candice Emery

Candice Emery


Managing human resources.

The purchasing/supply chain department

Christian Vinot

Purchasing Manager

Manage the purchase and supply of Raw materials and finished products.

Former pilot

Robin Mugnier

Robin Mugnier

Production Manager - Procurement

Manage the production of harnesses in Romania, identify supply needs, manage stocks...

flight since 2022

The logistics/quality department

The logistics/quality department is responsible for quality control and the receipt and dispatch of Raw materials and finished products.

Romain Antiga

Logistics Manager

Receiving/shipping Raw materials and finished products.

Céline Béguin

Quality Technician / RTF Operator

Prepare the harnesses to make them Ready To Fly, check the canopies and parachutes.

Adrien Deage

Quality technician

Carry out quality controls on the harnesses.

Laetitia Verneuil

Quality Technician

Carry out quality controls on the harnesses.