Aerodynamics, Light, Performance
Designed for performance-demanding Hike & Fly athletes at High level, the ALP redefines the standards of the ultra-light cocoon. Maximum compactness with minimum weight, this harness is a pioneer in this new genre, combining exceptional lightness with unrivalled aerodynamic performance for this category, opening up new perspectives in the world of Hike & Fly competitions.

Weight: from 1.58 kg
Color: Blue

2 690,00

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  • On-site flight
  • Cross Country
  • Hike and fly
  • Tandem
  • Occasional
  • Regular
  • Professional
  • Novice
  • Intermediate
  • Seasoned
Delivered with
  • Carabiners EDELRID AURA
  • Carbon feetboard
  • speed bar 3 rungs (convertible to 2 rungs)
  • Handle relief
  • Emergency elevators
  • Pockets flanges
  • Compression bag
  • Repair kit
  • Shims for plate feet adjustment

About ALP

Inspired by the mountain range in which it was born, the ALP is designed for ambitious Hike & Fly and flight athletes at High . It boasts a sharp design that redefines performance standards in the ultra-light harness category.

With the ALP, Supair's design team aims to bring Hike & Fly to the same level of performance as the flight distance competition, which today benefits from the most high-performance products on the market. By integrating the ultralight dimension into a product designed for pure performance, they are creating a whole new category in the flight freestyle sector: ultra-light cocoons with full fairings.

To achieve this ambition, each Component of the ALP has been meticulously selected for its lightness, compactness and technical performance. A refined assembly of these different materials is the final step in creating a cocoon available from 1.58 kg, fully accessorized and ready to fly.

From the first idea on paper in 2022 to Pierre Rémy's participation in the X-PYR 2024 with the final version of the ALP, many hours of flight have resulted in a product perfectly optimized for competition, offering an unrivalled combination of performance, lightness and comfort.

When light harness meets its highest performance level.


One design at the service of performance

If "submarine"-type harnesses have revolutionized the world of XC racing, the ALP takes up the challenge of integrating a full fairing into its design, with an inflatable envelope that takes shape once in flight thanks to the relative wind.

The span of the envelope and its assembly reduce pilot-generated drag to a minimum, thanks to a smoother flow of air on a clean Airfoil . It also stabilizes the harness on the yaw axis, making flight comfortable for long flights.

The lines of the ALP guarantee the highest level High of performance, all in a "featherweight" format.


The harness Ultra-light like you've never seen it before

The characteristics of the selected Fabrics and the optimization of the frame structure result in a unique product. Available from 1.58 kg, this weight includes not only the harness but also all accompanying accessories.

Whether it's the fabric of the envelope or the structure of the frame, the design of the ALP guarantees extreme compactness for an ergonomic and minimalist Storage in the rucksak. Its Inflatable protection allows total compression of the harness for a minimal volume of Storage .


XC meets ultra-light

The ALP innovates by combining advanced aerodynamics design with ultra-light materials.

This unique combination makes it possible to optimize both performance in flight and the comfort of the pilot on the ground. This synergy between the worlds of Hike & Fly and XC competition offers a great experience flight Fluid and efficient while reducing weight to its essentials.

This innovative approach distinguishes the ALP from other light or enveloped cocoons, setting new standards of lightness and performance.

harness Supair ALP performance and ultra-light

A word from the Design Office

"We believe that the ALP is the future of the market and flight at High level and we are proud to have taken up this innovative challenge combining aerodynamics and lightness. The ALP marks Supair's return to the high-performance segment. "
Yoann Chavanne - Harness Designer

The ALP and its design

Taking an interest in the ALP also means taking an interest in Supair's history. Many of our team members have been or are still racing at high level, and are very fond of performance-oriented equipment.

The bivouac flight, initiated by pioneers such as Pierre Bouilloux and now practiced by our team pilots, as well as Clément Latour and Benoît Outters' participations in the 2017 X-Alps, have forged a strong Supair legacy in the world of Hike & Fly.

Thanks to this history of competition and sporting challenge, and a market where Hike & Fly competitions are multiplying, the ALP gradually arose in the minds of our designers. The initial ambition was to create an uncompromising harness for Hike & Fly, based on three key concepts: performance, lightness and ease of use.

A lightweight, optimized design

To make the right design choices, it's essential to analyze and understand the market and pilots' needs.

The first step was to develop the harness seat, focusing not only on weight, but also on comfort, handling and durability to suit intensive use in competition. Stress zones, pressure points, adjustment of reinforcements... Many hours of flight were spent with the seat structure alone to optimize its design.

The result of this development is a streamlined Seat that provides the rider with everything he needs during his flight without compromising the lightness of the design.

Aerodynamic, high-performance design

The design of the outer shell is the second stage in the development of the ALP.

After in-depth studies and analyses using comparative tests on flight and numerical tools such as CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics), the "submarine" format was chosen for its superior aerodynamic performance. Numerous tests and prototypes were necessary to design the most aerodynamic shape possible, while still being suitable for Hike & Fly use.

In all, over 30 envelope configurations were tested and analyzed to identify all the parameters influencing the performance of harness, even the most sensitive ones.

Optimization and Selection of Materials

Once the seat structure and envelop shape had been tested and validated, the challenge was to optimize the entire concept for a use in Hike & Fly competition.

A meticulous selection of materials, a rigorous choice of accessories and design specific protection combining lightness, compactness and safety are the final keystones in the harness range's three key features: aerodynamics, lightness and performance (ALP).

Adapting to Hike & Fly

While the designing team was looking for the best choices for the external shape of the harness, the comparative studies carried out on existing models showed clear results: integral envelopes offer aerodynamic performance almost twice better than standard light cocoon.

To obtain these results, the designers developed an initial prototype envelope, which they compared with our current pod harnesses range thanks to CFD tool (Computational Fluid Dynamics).

With these results in front of us, the design of a harness envelope became obvious, but a new question arose:

How do you adapt such an imposing and complex design into an ultra-light product?

To answer this question, the Research & Development team studied the needs of Hike & Fly athletes to propose appropriate design solutions.


Ease into and out of the cocoon

The integration of a magnetic zipper to the ALP's envelope is a major innovation to guarantee theproduct's ease of usein a Hike & Fly context .

To settle into the harness after take-off, all you have to do is insert your legs into the cocoon and extend them, so that Zipper closes automatically by magnetic force alone. Once closed, the seal is Warranty and the envelope inflates thanks to the relative wind.

To exit, simply step over or bend your legs and spread your knees to open the Zipper.

Thanks to this feature, you can prepare your Landing as you would with a classic pod harness.


For comfort at flight and easy instrument handling

The cockpit is a central element of piloting comfort. To make it practical and easy toUse, the instruments are always accessible in flight without having to open a Zipper.

The transparent visor is removable to adapt to your needs.

There's also a zipped pocket for an external battery to connect to your instruments, and a passage for a cable.


Combining lightness and performance

Comparative studies of different types of pod harness carried out by the R&D team have proven the superior performance of envelope harnesses. Once this has been established, the next step is to identify the parameters that influence the performance of the envelope, in order to adjust it as effectively as possible for Hike & Fly use .

The designers developed an experimental plan involving no fewer than 30 different envelope designs to arrive at the final design for the ALP. This envelope design offers the best compromise between aerodynamic performance, lightness of assembly and convenience ofUse of the envelope for walking and flight.



Lightweight and compact for assured safety

Transforming the harness envelope concept to Hike & Fly involves adapting the protection.

To meet the needs of athletes, protection must be compact, lightweight and easy to handle and apply, while meeting the requirements of safety and performance standards.

Numerous trials and tests were carried out to find the best combination of thickness, shape and weight of the protection to guarantee maximum safety without impacting the diameter of the envelope, and therefore its aerodynamics.

The ALP protection takes up no space in the bag, and inflates in seconds on takeoff via a hose on the left shoulder of the harness.


Comfort meets ultra-light

The ALP chassis alone has benefited from many hours of work at flight to achieve the best compromise between lightness and durability. The materials of which it is made ensure that weight is reduced to its essentials, while the load-bearing elements ensure optimum force distribution.

Although the ALP has been designed to be as light as possible, you have all the adjustments you need to adapt it to your body shape: shoulder length, backrest angle, support Lumbar,Seat angle and speedbag length.

The frame is fully accessorized for an ideal Use for walking and flight thanks to its pole-holder pocket and two Pockets Flask . Two storage spaces are also provided, with an underseat pocket (3L) and a back pocket (between 12 and 15 L) equipped with a Flask and a passage for a hose.

Supair ALP - Performance at its lightest

Technical data

Pilot height (cm) 155 - 175 172 - 185 182 - 195
Rider weight (kg) 50 - 75 65 - 85 70 - 95
Weight of the harness (kg) 1.58 1.61 1.64
Back height (cm) 57 63 68
Backrest Adjustment Height (cm) 31 35 38
LengthSeat (cm) 41 43 45
Width ofSeat (cm) 35 35 35
Height of attachment points (cm) 40 40 40
Distance between attachment points (cm) 38 38 38
Length of speedbag (cm) 97 103 113
Back pocket capacity Storage (L) 12 13 15
Volume rescue parachute (L) 2.0 à 4.8 2.0 à 4.8 2.0 à 4.8



The ALP is designed for experienced pilots. Manufactured from ultra-light technical materials, harness must be handled with care.

  • Hammock frame structure, without planchette
  • Stabilized yaw axis behavior
  • Entry and exit from the cocoon facilitated by the Zipper Magnetic
  • Geometry optimized for Hike & Fly with excellent cornering maneuverability and controlled Stability for tracking and transition phases.
  • Inflatable protection under-Seat
  • Pocket rescue parachute
  • Y-lifts
  • Backrest reinforced and stiffened by a fiberglass rod
  • Structure without Loops fasteners for easy handling
  • Zipper magnetized to simplify cocoon entry and exit
  • Cockpit with access to instruments and various Pockets
  • Back pocket
  • Rod holder
  • under-seat pocket
  • Battery pocket under cockpit
  • 2 Pockets for Flask
  • Adjustment of the length of the shoulders
  • Adjustment of the backrest inclination
  • Adjustment of theSeat
  • Adjustment Lumbar
  • Adjustment of the length of the speedbag


  • Dyneema 4mm
  • Dyneema HPME 7mm
  • 12 mm Dyneema braid
  • Nylon 210D
  • MJ 38gr
  • SPS film


  • Nylon 210D
  • MJ 38gr
  • MJ 32gr
  • Dominico 10D
Spare parts
  • Aerodynamic envelope
  • plate feet
  • Inflatable bump bladder
  • Handle emergency
Maintenance and Use

Take care of your harness

The ALP is designed with lightness in mind. Although harness 's design maximizes its durability, harness is made from ultra-light materials and must therefore be handled with care.

Caution !

The ALP has been designed exclusively for Hike & Fly use. Although the ALP is approved for loads of up to 100 kg, acrobatic tricks are out of the question, and the chassis is not designed to absorb the energy of large maneuvers.




harness Supair ALP
harness Supair ALP
harness Supair ALP


The ALP is unique in its category.
To guarantee the safety and satisfaction of our pilots, a network of dealers has been pre-selected and trained by our design team to accompany you in the trial, purchase and discovery of your ALP.

The first ALP demos will be available for trial at the ALP dealers listed below from late July or early August, depending on size.

Contact the ALP dealer of your choice to arrange a trial.