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Progress with a light mind
Discover all the fun of the LEAF 3 in a lighter version. The LEAF 3 Light allows you to progress to the top, whether on foot or in the air, thanks to its safe handling and optimized weight.

This EN-B wing is an ideal choice for pilots who want to progress towards performance while enjoying the pleasures of flight rando.

Weight : 3.66 kg in size M

4 450,00

Recommended retail price in France
  • On-site flight
  • Cross Country
  • Hike and fly
  • Tandem
  • Occasional
  • Regular
  • Professional
  • Novice
  • Intermediate
  • Seasoned
Accessories included

Compact Case Light

Repair kit

Without backpack

Delivered with
  • Compact Case Light
  • Repair kit pocket

About LEAF 3 Light

If you are looking for a light wing to continue your progression in paraglider without depriving yourself of the flight rando, the LEAF 3 Light is made for you. The program: lightness, passive safety and performance.

The LEAF 3 Light has a similar design as the LEAF 3, the only difference being that the materials used are lighter, allowing you to progress serenely on flight and to practice hike & fly comfortably.

The LEAF 3 Light offers a playful behavior while providing a High level of passive safety. In addition to being better damped than the second generation, especially on the roll axis, the piloting is precise and comfortable thanks to a design light which reduces the inertia of the wing movements to better communicate the information of the air mass.

The architecture of the LEAF 3 Light limits the deformations of the glider, allowing a large control travel to exploit the full speed range. The new design of the vault makes theLift / thermic easier to operate while the lighter feather structure makes the wing responsive in turns . These elements offer a precise piloting in flight .

Thanks to its tolerant behavior, the LEAF 3 Light teaches you to refine your piloting little by little to accompany you serenely in your progression towards performance. Light and compact, it is a wing to take everywhere!

LEAF 3 Light



The LEAF 3 Light is a progression wing. It is designed for autonomous pilots who fly regularly. It is ideal for beginner cross country pilots and is the logical continuation of a school wing.

Take-off on foot or by winch.

  • Airfoil Baby Sharknose
  • Ergonomic risers
  • Anti-friction rings
  • Smart Mini Ribs
  • Ears kit
  • Wingtip draining system
  • Ronstan low friction pulleys
  • Connectors for the connection glider-lift

Fabrics :

  • Extrados
    • Porcher Sport Skytex soft
    • Porcher Sport Skytex 27gr/sqm
  • Intrados
    • Porcher Sport Skytex soft
    • Dominico 10D soft
  • Ribs / roads & internal structure
    • Porcher Sport Skytex 27gr/sqm
    • MJ tex MJ 32 hard finish
  • Reinforcements
    • Porcher Sport Skytex 27gr/sqm

lines :

  • High & intermediate
    • Edelrid
  • Low
    • Edelrid
    • Liros
  • Standard EN 926 - 1 and 2 and LTF 91/09 - Class B
  • glider LEAF 3 Light
  • Compact Case light
  • Repair kit pocket

Discover the LEAF3 Light

photo of the leaf 3 light

Technical Features

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3D model

Technical Data

Range Total Flying Weight (Flying weight range) (kg) 50-65 50 - 70 65 - 85 80 - 105 90 - 115
Number of cells 49 49 49 49 49
Flat area (m²) 18.8 20.50 24.00 26.70 29.00
Wingspan (m) 9.99 10.44 11.29 11.91 12.41
Chord (m) 2.21 2.42 2.62 2.76 2.88
Flat aspect ratio 5.35 5.35 5.35 5.35 5.35
Projected area (m²) 16.04 17.22 20.16 22.43 24.36
Projected Evergure (m) 7.92 8.17 8.84 9.33 9.72
Projected aspect ratio 3.88 3.88 3.88 3.88 3.88
Weight of the glider (kg) 2.98 3.2 3.5 3.8 4.0
Homologation EN - LTF B EN - LTF B EN - LTF B EN - LTF B EN - LTF B
Number of elevators 3+1 3+1 3+1 3+1 3+1
ACRO No No No No No
Speed bar 130 mm 130 mm 142 mm 142 mm 150 mm
Trim No No No No No
Other system of Adjustment No No No No No
Table of Total Flying Weight ranges for the LEAF3 light

Connect Technology - Soft Link Dyneema

video presentation of the Soft Link Dyneema technology

Groundhandling session with LEAF3 Light

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LEAF3 Light 1rst fly in le Grand Bornand

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Stubai Cup 2023

Stubai cup

LEAF3 and LEAF3 Light

leaf3 in flight

All the advantages of the LEAF 3 in a light version!

Although based on the design , the LEAF 3 Light uses lightweight and robust materials for optimal weight/durability without impacting its performance at flight.

Just like the non-weighted version, the LEAF 3 light is an ideal wing to progress with thanks to its High level of passive safety. It is nevertheless a playful wing with which you can work on your technique to go further.

The structure of the LEAF 3 Light has been reworked for better performance in flight . More damped than the LEAF 2 Light on the roll axis, its behavior filters the air mass for more comfort in flight without compromising on the precision of the piloting .

Unlike the LEAF 3, the Line set of the LEAF 3 Light is unsheathed on the upper stage to save weight and reduce drag. However, the lower and middle stages remain sheathed for easy untangling and preflighting.

With a weight of 3.66 kg in size M, this light and compact kite goes everywhere with you, whether in the air or in your bag. It is the ideal choice if you wish to progress serenely in flight while practicing Hike & Fly.

Ideal to progress without getting bored

The LEAF 3 Light is designed for pilots who wish to continue their progression in paraglider under a reassuring wing that does not deprive them of the pleasures of flight rando.

Just like the standard version, the LEAF 3 Light is an easy to fly and very forgiving glider for a smooth progression towards a more efficient practice of paraglider, on land and in the air.

It is still playful and reactive to the control and will allow you to perfect your piloting technique step by step.


Comfort in flight

The LEAF 3 Light has a new design arch to provide better cushioning, especially on the roll axis.

Thanks to its lightweight structure, the LEAF 3 Light communicates information from the air mass to you while reducing the inertia of the wing's movements. This reassuring behavior allows you to stay confident while understanding what is going on around you.

The construction of the internal structure limits the deformation of the Airfoil and increases the control travel. This gives you the freedom to exploit the full speed range of the wing while maintaining steering precision.

Optimized leading edge

Like the LEAF 3, the light version benefits from a reworked leading edge. The air inlets alternate between two types of openings along the leading edge to ensure optimal internal pressure at all engine speeds flight.

Airfoil The wide air inlets maintain internal pressure at low speeds , while the narrower openings ensure optimal pressure at flight .

Thermal performance

Thanks to the new architecture of the wing, the turn is more fluid with a better coordination of the roll and pitch axis, which makes the control of the wing more precise. Its arch allows for a flatter turn flatter turnwhich makes it easier to optimize theLift / thermic . The LEAF 3 Light is therefore an EN-B with a design ideal for thermal flight and cross.

leaf3 in flight

You like the LEAF 3 Light program but you are looking for a non-lightweight wing?

All the advantages of the LEAF 3 Light without the lighter materials for an even stronger wing.




photo of the leaf 3 light
photo of the leaf 3 light
photo of the leaf 3 light
photo of the leaf 3 light
photo of the leaf 3 light
photo of the leaf 3 light
photo of the leaf 3 light
LEAF 3 Light
paraglider Leaf 3 light
LEAF3 Light in flight
LEAF3 light in flight volcano and ocean colors
LEAF3 light in flight