Photo of the RADICAL4 in flight Inflating with the Radical4

speed bar 1B light

To accelerate without getting bogged down
Thespeed bar 1B light is delivered with the products of the Supair light range. Thanks to its 14g, it is an essential accessory that will not weigh you down, so why do without it?


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  • On-site flight
  • Cross Country
  • Hike and fly
  • Tandem
  • Occasional
  • Regular
  • Professional
  • Novice
  • Intermediate
  • Seasoned

About thespeed bar 1B light

Equipping your harness with a speed bar guarantees a better level of safety thanks to a wider speed range in case of strong wind!

Thespeed bar 1B light is delivered with the Supair light products like theEIKO2, the RADICAL4 or theEVEREST3.

Made of lines, a rigid bar and Split hooks , this minimalist speed bar weighs only 14 g but will allow you to keep a reserve of speed under your foot when needed. Thespeed bar can be quickly mounted on the Supair harness thanks to the holes provided for this purpose and is easily connected to the glider using the split Split hooks .