EIKO2 in flight in Le Grand Bornand glider ultra-light mountain EIKO2


The featherweight mountain-all-terrain glider for all Hike&Fly enthusiasts
The EIKO 2 is light and adaptable.
Playful, easy to fly, reassuring, the EIKO 2 keeps only the essential: the pleasure of flying.

Category: EN-A, B or C depending on size
Weight : 2,45 kg in 19

From 3 540,00

Recommended retail price in France
  • On-site flight
  • Cross Country
  • Hike and fly
  • Tandem
  • Occasional
  • Regular
  • Professional
  • Novice
  • Intermediate
  • Seasoned
Accessories included

Inner bag


Repair kit

Speed bar

Without backpack


A mountain glider with a variable programme depending on the chosen surface. For all types of profiles looking for a serene, precise and efficient Flight .

The EIKO 2 is the glider light and compact all-terrain. Choose your programme!

If the EIKO 2 is above all a glider mountain, due to its lightness and its stability. The EIKO 2 is at home in rural settings and thermal skies, in calm morning or sunset flights.

The EIKO 2 ensures a fast take-off, brings a reassuring efficiency: ideal to progress thanks to its adaptability and its all-terrain character. It is suitable for a wide range of pilots: the large sizes are less demanding, while the small surfaces are designed for pilots who like tight trajectories and high speeds.

The EIKO 2 will stay with you for a long time and help you become a better pilot. It is reassuring and very forgiving and gives you the keys to improve.

Playful, easy to access, reassuring: a safe and light glider . The efforts of design and the choice of materials have sought to make it lighter... without taking anything away. To gain weight without losing quality.

Based on our renowned Eona school glider , the EIKO 2 refines and refines its positioning as a lightweight all-terrainglider .

Image EIKO 2 in action

3D model


  • Beginner and leisure pilots or experienced pilots according to the Flying weight range
  • Take-off on foot or by winch
  • Ergonomic risers
  • Sharknose airfoil
  • Ears kit
  • Topside fabric: Porcher sport
  • Lower fabric: Dominico 10 D
  • Ribs / roads fabric: Porcher Sport
  • Reinforcement fabric: Porcher Sport
  • Upper and mid lines: Edelrid
  • Lower lines: Edelrid
  • Standard EN 926 - 1 and 2 and LTF 91/09 - Class A, B or C
  • EIKO 2 glider
  • Inner bag
  • Retaining pins for the glider
  • Ultra-light speed bar
  • User's manual (USB key)
  • Repair kit pocket

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EIKO2 - Technical Presentation

Video thumbnail technical presentation EIKO2

flight at sunset

Video on flight at sunset

Eiko2 & Radical4 - the ideal combo for adventure

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Radical4 & Eiko2: Explore the peaks

Radical 4 and Eiko2 lightweight mountain gear

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Technical Data

EIKO 2 16 19 21 23 26
Number of cells 38 38 38 38 38
Flat area (m²) 16 19 21 23 26
Wingspan (m) 8,76 9,55 10,04 10,51 11,17
Chord (m) 2,27 2,47 2,6 2,72 2,89
Flat aspect ratio 4,8 4,8 4,8 4,8 4,8
Projected area (m²) 13,56 16,1 17,8 19,49 22,03
Projected span (m) 6,93 7,55 7,94 8,31 8,84
Projected aspect ratio 3,54 3,54 3,54 3,54 3,54
Glider Weight (kg) 2,2 2,45 2,66 2,87 3,14
Weight Range (kg) 50-90 50-90 60-85 70-95 80-110
Homologation EN - LTF C EN - LTF B EN - LTF A EN - LTF A EN - LTF A
Number of risers 3+1 3+1 3+1 3+1 3+1
Trek 2 bag recommended (with harness string) 25L 25L 30L 30L 30L
Eiko2 size chart and approval

Recreational mountain pilots, or experienced pilots depending on the Flying weight range

Soft Link Dyneema technology

video presentation of the Soft Link Dyneema technology




Eiko 2 in flight
EIKO2 and RADICAL 4 in flight
Image EIKO 2 in action
Image EIKO 2 in action
Zoom Cells EIKO 2
Image EIKO 2 in action
Image EIKO 2 in action
Image EIKO 2 in action
Image EIKO 2 in action
Image EIKO 2 in action


User's manual


Photo of the Supair Birdy color Honey