leaf3 in flight

Portrait - Damien Joly


Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

My name is Damien, I'm 15 and I live in Gap. I have a rather sporty Airfoil , I practice paraglider, climbing, biking and many other activities!

I love creating content for networks and spending time with people, whether as part of my hobbies, to lend a hand, etc. ...

Portrait of Damien Joly

When and how did you learn paraglider ?

I started paraglider in June 2022, at the age of 13. I learned with the Pollen school paraglider, located in Vallouise.

What is your practice at paraglider ?

I go flying whenever I have free time: every weekend and during the week when I have time to go after school.

So far, I've been doing a lot of cross-country, but I'd like to get into accro.


Do you have a memory to share from flight ?

One of my best memories is the time I reached a ceiling at 4500 m altitude. It happened one day when I was doing a tour of the Écrins, when I passed over the Pelvoux.

I could also tell you about the time I made a rescue, after all, it's a memory from flight ...

What are your upcoming projects (paraglider and outside paraglider) ?

At paraglider, I'd like to reach a High level in acro and place myself among the best pilots in the discipline.

Alongside paraglider, I'd like to become a ski instructor.

Where can we follow your adventures?

You can follow me on Instagram with @Damsparapente

Maybe in the future, I'll get into Youtube too!

Damien Joly at flight with his LEAF3 and ACRO4

We're delighted to be following Damien's progress at paraglider ! We wish him many happy hours at flight with his LEAF3, and look forward to following his adventures.

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