Portrait - Florian Molié


Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

Hi, my name is Florian, I'm 16. I'm currently in 1ère at Briançon high school.

Mountain biking, snowboarding, handball, hiking... Most of my hobbies are related to the world of sport. For me, paraglider is much more than a hobby. Right from my first course, I immediately felt that flight was a passion, and I'd even go so far as to say: a way of life!


Portrait of Florian Molié

When and how did you learn paraglider ?

Like many of us, I discovered paraglider through Jean-Baptiste Chandelier's videos. All I had to do was look out of my window to see gliders coloring the sky.

So I signed up for an introductory course at Pollen paraglider, in Vallouise, in August 2021. A few months after my debut, I was lucky enough to join the first year of the AS paraglider at Briançon's Collège Vauban.


What is your practice at paraglider ?

As soon as I can fly, I go! Cross-country flying is the sport that attracts me most: being able to move from valley to valley and admire ever-changing landscapes makes me dream.

The flight bivouac also appeals to me, after all, sharing one or more nights with friends in the middle of the mountains after a good flight simply sounds magical.

Do you have a special memory of flight to share with us?

My most vivid memory was when I first discovered the sensations of a thermal. It was at Le Prorel on February 12, 2023, just under 4 months after I bought my first glider. That day, I accompanied François, my SVT teacher. Conditions were calm, like a winter's day.

Once in the air, I could see the other more experienced pilots winding up the thermal. Far too curious to discover this new facet of paraglider, I went to join them. Once inside, I started to furl with the other sails. In the end, it was the cold that pushed me to land.

What are your upcoming projects (paraglider and outside paraglider) ?

As for paraglider, I'd really like to start competing and join the Pôle Espoir flight Libre.

Otherwise, I'd love to become an instructor at paraglider and pass on the pleasure of flying to other people. But I'm also interested in becoming a careers guidance counsellor!

Where can we follow your adventures?

See you on instagram! @florien_mle

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