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Far from the turbulent thermals of the high season, autumn is the perfect time to renew your equipment and familiarize yourself with it in complete safety.

Discover the autumn packs to change your equipment with peace of mind:

Why choose a pack?

Choosing a pack means ensuring optimum compatibility between the different elements of your equipment: glider harness and back-up.

When we develop a harness or a glider, the latter is part of our range by respecting a level of progression as well as a specific type of practice . As a result, a glider Supair has an equivalence in the range harness which is designed on the same criteria, and vice-versa. It is in this logic of development that the packs are designed.

Equipping yourself with one of the packs is sure to choose a harnessone glider and a parachute that match your practice of paraglider and that have been designed to work together.

Contact your Supair dealer to find out more about our packs: composition, prices and availability!


The "Progress" pack is designed for riders looking for fun, forgiving equipment.

The LEAF3 (EN-B) is our glider of progression par excellence. Thanks to it, you can continue to explore new horizons and break out of the jar with peace of mind.

The PROGRESS Pack lets you be more ambitious without compromising on passive safety.

design Progress pack presentation


SUMMIT Pack's watchwords are simple: lightness and efficiency.

Based on our glider EIKO2 is a pack dedicated to Hike & Fly andflight mountain.

This combination of glider + harness + rescue takes you to the summits, on foot or at flight, with all the essentials for fun in the mountains.

design summit pack presentation


Attention cross-country and flight bivouac enthusiasts! The PERFORMANCE Pack gives you the ideal equipment to tackle the terrain with a featherweight in your pack.

Imagined around our glider The SAVAGE (EN-C) is a combination of equipment designed to take you far and wide for intense and unforgettable adventures between the summits.

design PERFORMANCE pack presentation

Practical info

How do I find my pack?

Your Supair dealer is best placed to help you find the right pack for your level and goals at flight.

Contact your paraglider store to find out more about our packs: availability, prices, colors, lead times and precise composition...

Until when can I buy a pack?

It is advisable to change your equipment outside the high season, when conditions at flight are milder and quieter.

This is why packs are offered throughoutOctober 2023.

How do I know if my usual store is a Supair reseller?

Find your Supair dealer at a glance with the interactive partner store map available here :

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Photo of Hugues Bonnel in Supair LEAF3 in the Mont Blanc massif
Paralpinism in the Mont Blanc massif