universal safety lanyard universal safety lanyard

Universal Safety Lanyard

To be safe in case of tree landing !
The universal safety lanyard is a tool that allows you to secure yourself quickly in case oftree landing.


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Thetree landing is an incident that can happen even to the best... But it's not because your glider Hung from the trees that you are safe! You're never safe from a branch breaking...

In order to secure yourself immediately after thetree landing and to wait serenely for help, Supair has developed the universal safety lanyard.

This lanyard comes in the form of a small kit that connects to one of the carabiners of your harness. In case of tree landing, a strap equipped with a carabiner will allow you to go around the trunk or a solid branch before locking the carabiner of the kit on your harness, thus protecting you from the fall.

As the name suggests, it is universal and can be installed on any harness.

As long as your feet are not on the ground, be safe!

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