Photo of the delight4 and Delight4 sport in flight pod harness DELIGHT 4 in flight

Leash for Instruments

Secure your instruments
The instrument leash is an accessory for the DELIGHT4 and DELIGHT4 Sport that allows you to secure your instruments to the cockpit at flight. The clip attachment of the leash gives you the freedom to handle your instruments freely.

Weight : 3g
Color : black


Recommended retail price in France

About the Leash for Instruments

Never again risk letting your instruments slip out of your hands!

The cockpit leash on the DELIGHT4 and DELIGHT4 Sport allows you to secure your equipment at flight while still allowing you to easily manipulate it with the clip system. The harness comes with 2 leashes installed on the cockpit and a spare leash stored in the zippered pocket inside the cockpit.

If you lose a leash due to carelessness, this spare part allows you to replace the lost leash.

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