speed bar 2B Standard 2

speed bar 2 bars for harness Seat
This accessory makes it easy and comfortable to equip seated harnesses for acceleration, thanks to its double bar.

Thespeed bar 2B Standard is compatible with all speedbag -free Supair harnesses, as well as other brands.

Weight: 100g


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  • Cross Country
  • Hike and fly
  • Tandem
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Aboutspeed bar 2B Standard

Thespeed bar 2B Standard fits all seated harnesses, i.e. those not equipped with speedbag.
Designed to offer two levels of acceleration, the second bar is rigid for easy, comfortableUse .

The connection is made using two Split hooks slotted connectors sold withspeed bar to connectspeed bar to your glider.

Thespeed bar is fitted with two loops on the first rung, for attaching the abseiling elastics used on harnesses such as theALTIRANDO LITE 2.