Portrait - Pierre Fornes

Pierre Fornes introduces himself in a few words

I was born in the Pyrénées Orientales, and this mountain range has shaped my imagination: aspiring mountain guide, ski instructor ... and of course, paragliding pilot...

I particularly like the tranquility and quality of time spent in the mountains, rather than the name of the summit climbed or the number of kilometers done in the air. I'm always on the lookout for a poetic path to a quality mountain experience.

I currently live between the Pyrenees and the Alps. During the winter season I work as an alpine ski coach at the Briançon ski club, and the rest of the year I work as a guide.

What is your practice at paraglider ?

PF: Whether it's cross-country, flight bivouac, flight hike or paralpinism, you could say that I'm into all things paraglider .

I have a very mountaineering outlook on my practice. I like to use paraglider as a means of transport between summits. Combining different sports, crossing mountain ranges, landing on summits... In short, I like to mix practices.



Do you have a special memory to share with us?

PF: October 8, 2023 is shaping up to be a smokin' day. The idea is to Take-off from the Col de l'Izoard to the summit of Pelvoux, and then cross-country in the Écrins.

The day was simply incredible, full of joy, euphoria and magical scenery.

Reaching a ceiling at 4850m on October 8th left me lost in a reverie tinged with concern ... Flying over the glacier des 2 Alpes which will not open at La Toussant, seeing the permanent landslides at Roche Brune, seeing the tents of environmental activists on the glacier de la Grave, watching record temperatures fall one after the other...

It was a day that was both sporting and humanly incredible, but which also led us to question our practices.

Pierre Fornes savaging in the Alps

What are your upcoming projects (paraglider et hors paraglider)

PF: I'd love to do a traverse of the Dolomites along the same lines as the Pyrenees crossings I did this year, i.e. linking the major mountaineering routes with my paraglider in flight bivouac.

climbing photo by Pierre Fornes and Hugues
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