photo of harness Supair Access3 ACCESS3 takes off from Planfait


Get off to the best possible start
For pilots beginner, the ACCESS 3 is an intuitive and comfortable harness . For instructors, it's the ideal tool for flying their students in complete safety.

Thanks to its interchangeable protection, the harness 's durability is increased for intensive Use school use. The choice of protection allows it to be adapted to the pilot's needs as he progresses.

Weight: 3.3 kg (size M with airbag module)
Unique colors: Black, Petrol and Sand


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  • On-site flight
  • Cross Country
  • Hike and fly
  • Tandem
  • Occasional
  • Regular
  • Professional
  • Novice
  • Intermediate
  • Seasoned

About ACCESS 3

harness The ACCESS 3 is the perfectschool and progression glider for paragliding pilot beginner as well as for instructors who want to equip their students with a safe,simple and comfortable harness .

Its Use is designed to be intuitive, so that pilots quickly feel at ease when handling their equipment, and to make instructors' work as easy as possible, so that everyone can concentrate on what's really important: flying. Whether on a training slope, during inflation or on your first big flights, all the ACCESS 3's features have been designed to ensure that new pilots and their instructors can fly with complete peace of mind.

Safety is at the heart of the ACCESS 3's development. The harness is closed by two automatic buckles: as soon as one of the buckles is closed, the rider is safe. The straps of the legstraps are marked in bright red, so that the pilot immediately notices that he is not strapped in. Similarly, the instructor can quickly and easily check that his pupil is properly secured in the harness, even from a distance. What's more, the new geometry with 2-point attachment makes Stability ideal for discovering the activity with complete confidence.

To facilitate theUse of the harness in school, the size is clearly indicated on the shoulder of the harness so that the instructor can quickly find the size his pupil needs. A plastic pocket on the back of the right shoulder makes it easy to identify the equipment.

All these elements have been designed to provide the ideal learning tool. ACCESS 3 saves time managing equipment and the school fleet, while allowing instructors to devote themselves fully to their core business: teaching.

Photo in flight of the harness school and Supair ACCESS3 progression


  • Dedicated to paraglider
  • Obvious sit/stand transition
  • Sitting position
  • Stability adapted to the discovery of the practice
  • 2-point fastener
  • Interchangeable protection BUMPAIR or AIRBAG
  • Parachute pouch with Handle and dedicated pod
  • Backrest stiffened with comfort foam
  • Pulleys and support loops to hold thespeed bar
  • Neoprene radio pocket and integrated leash
  • AIRBAG: Rush and interchangeable mylar
  • BUMPAIR: replaceable protective foam
  • Large back pocket Storage
  • Zipped side pocket
  • Radio pocket on right shoulder
  • Pocket for thespeed bar
  • Shoulder length
  • Backrest tilt
  • Depth ofSeat
  • Belly band spacing

Fabrics :

  • 210D R/S 44 ROBIC

Straps : 

  • PES 25 mm
  • PES 15 mm
  • LTF standard (120 daN)
  • EN Standard
  • plate fromSeat in polypropylene
  • Automatic 30 mm carabiners 
  • Handle and pod "AC3" for rescue parachute
  • AIRBAG protection module or BUMPAIR protection module


At paraglider, there are two essential concepts that are the basis of our flying: pleasure and safety. If transmitting the pleasure of being in the air is the instructors' mission, ours is to make you fly safely.

The design ACCESS 3 is deliberately kept as simple as possible, so as not to overload the beginner pilot with too much information. Students quickly become familiar with the equipment, and can concentrate on the more technical aspects of glider management and piloting.

Take off in first class

Comfort is a key factor in the rider's enjoyment of flight.

The ACCESS 3 is equipped with a rigid foam back for increased comfort and a more uniform Seat .

The harness has been designed around a chassis specially developed for frequent and easy sitting/standing. In fact, a more rigid backrest homogenizes the chassis, facilitating articulation between the backrest and theSeat of the harness. This movement is fluid and intuitive for the rider.

The ACCESS 3 offers three settings to adapt the harness to the rider's morphology.

  • The backrest can be tilted to a more or less inclined position to suit the rider's preference.
  • The Adjustment shoulder strap for precise adaptation of the harness to the rider's size.
  • The lumbar Adjustment to adjust theSeat depth and Lumbar support to the rider's morphology.

Settings are essential for comfort at flight, especially for long flights. These features enable the ACCESS 3 to take pilots a long way before they feel the need to change equipment.

Shoulder adjustments on ACCESS 3

For optimum comfort when flying Use intensively in a school or regularly as an autonomous pilot, the ACCESS 3 combines lightness and solidity thanks to high-quality materials. Its design guarantees uncompromising durability, while offering a pleasantly light feel for training and inflation sessions.

Cordura fabric is one of the toughest and most resistantFabrics available for design from harness. As a result, you can perform floor exercises for hours on end without premature aging of the product.

With this choice of durable materials, the harness is nonetheless lightweight for its class, weighing in at under 3.9 kg, whatever the size or protection installed.

inflating the ACCESS3 on a school slope

An ideal tool for schools

The ACCESS 3 has been designed not only for student comfort, but also for the comfort of paraglider instructors. Numerous details make theUse of the harness efficient, while ensuring the product's durability, even in intensive Use school use.

The materials used in this design have been selected for their robustness. School slopes and repeated inflation are no problem for the ACCESS 3, which will easily withstand the various stages of learning paragliding pilot beginner .

Interchangeable AIRBAG or BUMPAIR modules mean instructors don't have to replace the entire harness when the protection needs changing. Thanks to its durable structure, theACCESS 3 can be used for a long time in the school park.

Following the training course, the autonomous pilot will be able to buy his harness school with new PPE, thus avoiding the need for the vendor to provide the PPE maintenance booklet. Once autonomous, pilots will continue to enjoy their harness for many hours at flight , thanks to extendedlife span .

The ACCESS 3's features have also been designed to make everyday life easier for both male and female instructors, with a clear indication of the cutting edge of the harness on the shoulder and the safety features indicated in red for quick and precise checking.

Photo of ACCESS3 at theLanding

Simple, quick-release fastening system

The ACCESS 3's locking system is limited to two automatic buckles to lock the legstraps to limit the number of pre-flight steps: as soon as only one of the two buckles is locked, the pilot is safe.

These straps are marked in bright red to make it easier for the pilot and instructor to control the attachment, even from a distance.

This two-point attachment system offers an ideal Stability ideal for learning, as it dampens the movements of the glider to filter the information transmitted to the pilot beginner. The ACCESS 3 is a reassuring choice of equipment for gentle learning and gradual confidence-building.

Photo of ACCESS3 hook system

To ensure pilot safety, the legstraps straps are marked with a bright red color to naturally attract the eye and be easy to control, whether for the person in the harness or the instructor supervising them.

ACCESS3 automatic loop attachment

Modular protection: your customized harness

Protection is one of the great new features of the ACCESS 3. You have the choice of equipping your harness with a foam bag or an airbag, depending on your personal preferences, while retaining the option of changing the protection whenever necessary.

If your terrain is abrasive and dusty, opt for robust, durable protection with the BUMPAIR module. If you're looking for lightness and compactness, choose the AIRBAG module!

In the event of significant impact to the protection, only the AIRBAG module or the BUMPAIR protective foam need be disposed of. Simply fit your harness with new protection and continue using harness.
This feature allows you toincrease the Life span of your equipment, as you don't have to replace the harness in its entirety when the effectiveness of the protection is no longer guaranteed due to impact, tearing, etc.

Photo of the interchangeable protective cover for the harness ACCESS3 school

Technical data

Pilot height (cm) 155 - 175 170 - 185 180 - 195 190 - 205
Weight of the pilot (mini - maxi) (kg) 60 - 80 65 - 85 70 - 100 90 - 120
Weight of harness (with AIRBAG module) 3.16 3.29 3.38 3.47
Weight of harness (with BUMPAIR module) 3.57 3.7 3.8 3.89
A - Back height (cm) 62 65 71 75
B - Height of Adjustment backrest inclination (cm) 31 34 38 40
C - Depth ofSeat (cm) 44 45 48 50
D - Width of seat (cm) 37 39 41 43
E - Height of attachment points 43 45 45 48
F - Distance between attachment points (cm) 36 - 44 37 - 45 38 - 48 40 - 50


A - Back height

B - Backrest inclination height Adjustment

C - Length ofSeat

D - Seat width

E - Height of attachment points

F - Distance between attachment points

general diagram of dimensions harness

Safety diagram

A - BUMPAIR or AIRBAG protection

B - Pocket for the rescue parachute

C - Back pocket Storage

Safety diagram for harness Supair ACCESS 3




harness ACCESS3 school and progression in flight
harness Supair Access3 and EONA4 glider on a training slope
harness ACCESS3 school and progression in flight
Ventral support with ACCESS 3 Supair
Photo in flight of the harness school and Supair ACCESS3 progression
preflight with harness ACCESS3 at Planfait takeoff
Face lift-off glider with harness ACCESS 3 and EONA 4
ACCESS3 radio pocket in close-up
harness ACCESS3 school and progression in flight
Student final with paraglider EONA 4 and harness ACCESS 3

ACCESS 3 protection modules


your customized harness

Choose the protection for your ACCESS 3! Thanks to the Zipper connection system, you can replace the protection module on your harness in a matter of seconds.
The AIRBAG is lightweight and compact, while the BUMPAIR is ideal for sandy or abrasive terrain.

AIRBAG weight: 0.54 kg
Weight BUMPAIR : 0.95 kg
Colors : Black




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