preflight with harness ACCESS3 at Planfait takeoff ACCESS3 takes off from Planfait

ACCESS 3 protection

your customized harness
Choose the protection for your ACCESS 3! Thanks to the Zipper connection system, you can replace the protection module on your harness in a matter of seconds.
The AIRBAG is lightweight and compact, while the BUMPAIR is ideal for sandy or abrasive terrain.

AIRBAG weight: 0.54 kg
Weight BUMPAIR : 0.95 kg
Colors : Black


Recommended retail price in France

About ACCESS 3 protection

The ACCESS 3 features an innovative protection system to increase the durability of the harness and adapt it to the needs of pilots and schools.

Simply click on Zipper to disconnect the protection installed on your harness and replace it with either an AIRBAG or BUMPAIR foam.

AIRBAG protection

The airbag protection module is lightweight and compact. The harness is easier to stow in the bag, and the lightness is comfortable for hours of inflation or training. This choice of protection is particularly well-suited to pilots looking for a harness that doesn't take up too much space, and who operate in a less abrasive environment. When your protection exceeds the recommended 5-year life, you can simply buy a new one without having to change your entire harness.

BUMPAIR foam protection

The BUMPAIR module, using the same foam as the EVO LITE 2, offers a High level of protection, ideal for riders on dusty, abrasive terrain. It prevents sand and other impurities from seeping in, as can happen with airbag protection. If the BUMPAIR suffers a major impact or exceeds the recommended 5-year life, simply keep the module casing (provided it's not damaged) and replace the foam inside. This guarantees increased durability of harness, with low maintenance costs.