harness Supair Evo Lite 2 with cocoon module Photo of harness SUPAIR ACRO 4 color Sand and STEP X


Adopt Supair style for everyday life
From your computer to your keys, your headphones or your favorite book, this bag is designed for Use everyday use.

Colors: black and blue


Recommended retail price in France

About the CITY 2 bag

With you, every day 

The CITY 2 bag is designed for everyday use Use . It's apractical, attractive and compact backpack that lets you take everything you need with you throughout the day.

Its sober, uncluttered look is reminiscent of the design of Supair harnesses. It's the ideal accessory to accompany you in everyday life, when you don't have a glider over your head.

design responsible and intelligent

The CITY 2 is not only an elegant bag, it's also a product made from materials that were used in the production of earlier products, and are therefore no longer used today.

Reusing these "dormant" materials allows us to recycle the fabric so as not to waste it, while giving you a city bag with unique , modern lines .


  • Large main pocket for all your belongings
  • Internal pocket for laptop
  • Small front zip pocket for quick access to small items (keys, purse, earphones, etc.)


  • Manufacture from dormant materials
  • Generous 16 L capacity for all your daily needs