For the comfort of your legs
This footrest is specifically designed for use with the harness EVO LITE 2.
Its elasticated return system makes Use easy to use and doesn't take up too much space during take-off and landingLanding.


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About EVO LITE 2 foot braces

This footrest is an option for the harness modulable EVO LITE 2. The option of adding the footrest allows riders to adopt a stretched-leg position without using the harness cocoon module.

Thanks to the elasticated return system, the footrest is always well positioned and remains easily accessible during all phases of the flight with a simple movement of the heel.

Footrest assembly is a 2-step process:

  • For each side, attach the black loops of the footrest to the Carabiners of the harness.
  • Pass the elastic Lanyard of the footrest around thespeed bar then attach the hook to the Loops from which the Lanyard starts, to connect the two accessories together.

3D model

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Growing with you

The EVO LITE 2 marks a new generation of modular harnesses, enabling you to make the most of every flight, whatever the conditions.
Thanks to its optional speedbag , you can go from a harness Seat to a cocoon in a matter of seconds! High passive safety, comfortable and ideal for cross-country flying and progression, the EVO LITE 2 is for pilots who want to do it all with just one harness.

Weight harness : 3.6 kg in size M
Weight speedbag (optional): 920 g in size M