Photo by theglider SUPAIR STEP X in flight Photo by theglider Supair STEP X in cross country

STEP X (Cross)

at the crossroads of light and performance
Both light and robust, the STEP X renews the EN-B+ range and optimises the WWTP lineage to keep only the best of its predecessors in a new generation of more efficient sails with excellent durability over time.

Theglider is positioned at the perfect balance of lightness, durability and performance to delight riders looking for a glider Built for XC and comfortable for a Use Hike & Fly.

Weight: from 3.8 kg

4 750,00

Recommended retail price in France
  • On-site flight
  • Cross Country
  • Hike and fly
  • Tandem
  • Occasional
  • Regular
  • Professional
  • Novice
  • Intermediate
  • Seasoned
Accessories included

Compact Case

Rear steering bar

Repair kit

About STEP X

All the DNA of the glider resides in its name "STEP X". The letter X, pronounced "cross", illustrates the intersection of the two disciplines ofCross Country and Hike & Fly. This is exactly where this new generation EN-B+ is positioned: at the crossroads of lightness and durability without compromising on performance. The STEP X is therefore aimed at leisure pilots who wish to equip themselves with an EN-B sport to go further in cross country while continuing to enjoy the pleasures of walking & flight. 

The development team used a wide range of materials to develop one glider as light as it is durable. To achieve this, particularly exposed areas are provided with robust and durable materials, while less stressed areas benefit from lightweight materials for significant weight savings with no impact on the Life span CSAglider. In this way, STEP X allows you to Unleash your full potential on the move as well as in flight.

The performance of STEP X is due to several elements of its design which have been extensively reworked and optimized compared to its predecessors, starting with the addition of a tension band located between lines B and C. This tape improves the surface finish while Extending the speed range of theglider, offering you precise, agile and reassuring steering.

Secondly, the new arrangement of its diagonals allows for a Optimization of the distribution of forces on the Airfoil, thus ensuring a Better Hold of theglider over time, and as a result, a greater durability of your glider. 

Finally, the new line branching reduces the overall length of the Line set. This feature improves the performance of the STEP X by reducing drag.

The behaviour of STEP X is reassuring. Its smooth and intuitive steering allows you to maximize the rate of thermal climb to go further without tiring yourself with unnecessarily complex driving. Indeed, it is by leaving room above all for pleasure and safety that the STEP X stands out from some EN-B+ which can sometimes be very demanding in riding. Theglider doesn't try to compete with an EN-C but gives you the means to continue your progression towards performance with confidence.

The STEP X is the logical continuation of an entry-level EN-B such as the LEAF3 or LEAF3 Light and gives you everything you need to prepare for a switch to EN-C.

Powerful, lightweight and durable, that's the promise of this glider at a crossroads.

Photo by theglider SUPAIR STEP X in flight


  • Cross country
  • Hike & Fly
  • Experienced recreational pilot
  • Airfoil sharknose
  • Lightweight ergonomic elevators
  • Anti-friction rings
  • Smart mini ribs
  • Ears kit
  • End discharge systemglider
  • Pulley low friction Ronstan
  • Extrados: Dominico N20 DMF
  • Intrados: Dominico 10D White
  • Internal structure: MJ Tex MJ32 HF / Porcher Skytex 27 HF 70000E91
  • Reinforcements from Rush: MJ Tex 32 HF
  • lines: Edelrid, Liros 
  • Links: Soft Link Dyneema
  • EN Standard
  • LTF Standard
  • Class B

3D model

Presentation of the WWTP X

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STEP X - technical details

3D models of the colors of the STEP X

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Photo of the STEP X color Lilac

Technical Data

Beach Flying weight range (flying weight range) (kg) 55-75 70-90 80-100 90-110 105-125
Number of cells 61 61 61 61 61
Flat area (m²) 21 24 26 28 30
Wingspan (m) 10.85 11.60 12.07 12.53 12.97
Chord (m) 2.39 2.56 2.66 2.76 2.86
Flat aspect ratio 5.65 5.65 5.65 5.65 5.65
Projected area (m²) 17.54 20.04 21.71 23.38 25.05
Projected span (m²) 8.41 8.99 9.36 9.71 10.06
Projected aspect ratio 4.04 4.04 4.04 4.04 4.04
Weight ofglider (kg) 3.8 4.0 4.3 4.6 4.8
Homologation EN-B+ EN-B+ EN-B+ EN-B+ EN-B+
Number of elevators 3/4/3 3/4/3 3/4/3 3/4/3 3/4/3
ACRO No No No No No
Speed bar Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Trim No No No No No
Other system of Adjustment No No No No No

Performance at the end of the lines

Due to its EN-B+ approval, the STEP X is a glider known as "Sport". Its design and the entire production process design are designed for cross-country skiing.

Performance is at the heart of STEP X's flight program.

Therefore, it is suitable for pilots who already have some experience, especially in flight distance, to accompany them further in the discipline.

Making performance accessible is the goal of the STEP X. Thanks to its great handling and a reassuring level of passive safety, this glider gives you the confidence to progress in flight distance and acquire solid skills in cross country. What to consider a passage under EN-C serenely.

STEP X can be summed up in three words: powerful, agile, safe.

Photo by theglider SUPAIR STEP X in flight

STEP X, a glider At the crossroads

Available from 3.8kg, the "X" designation embodies the notion of compromise between lightness and durability. Designed for pilots looking for a glider Lightweight without compromising its durability, the STEP X benefits from a wide range of materials to offer great performance in flight and comfort on the ground.

Constructed with a combination of strong and lightweight materials, the STEP X offers a durable structure without sacrificing the lightness of theglider. The most sought-after parties in theglider are reinforced with Fabrics rugged for increased durability, while less stressed areas benefit from lighter materials to reduce the overall weight of theglider.

With its well-balanced design , the STEP X is an ideal choice above all for cross-country riders, but also for enthusiasts of flight hike .

Its performance is pleasing at flight while it offers a comfortable lightness and compactness on the ground, allowing a versatile Use in a variety of terrains.

STEP X is theglider "off-road" built for distance.

Technology for distance and sustainability

The design of the STEP X prevents deformation of the Airfoil over time to ensure maximum performance in flight for the life of theglider.

Indeed, the internal structure is designed to ensure an optimal axis of tension on all Fabrics Component .

Dividing a diagonal into several independent bands not only reduces theglider but also to ensure excellent maintenance of the Airfoil evenly distributing tension and respecting the fabric mesh structure to prevent deformation and promote excellent durability of theglider.  

Secondly, the Line set of the STEP X contributes to the overall reduction of theglider while reducing drag for better performance in flight.

Whether it is in the choice of materials, in the design structure or in the Line set scheme, everything is thought out so that the STEP X combines performance and lightness.

finger diagonal technology illustrated in 3D

A sharp pilot

Its lightweight, but not ultra-light, construction provides theglider Intuitive and playful behavior. The STEP X communicates air mass information while filtering out unnecessary turbulence, allowing you to be precise in steering to optimize all types of air masses.

When it comes to thermal efficiency and cornering enjoyment, the STEP X is right up there with the best in its class.

Delivered with its steering bars at the back, you have all the cards in hand for precision piloting, whether in thermals, transitions or even in tracking.

The new distribution scheme for lines on the Airfoil confers on theglider greater consistency across its entire scope. The cross strip between the B and C lines is widened to improveglider at large angles of incidence and facilitate its inflation.

Its 5.7 aspect ratio and the geometry of its Airfoil offer a performance and a pleasant gliding sensation and will delight the cross-country rider who can then set off towards his first 100 km.

Photo by theglider SUPAIR STEP X in flight

They talk about it

"I was very surprised by the performance of the Step X. The handling is agile and precise. Controlling the C level is smooth. Even after several hours of flying you are not exhausted. In accelerated flight, the wing literally cuts through the air."
Nico Lutz - Family Pilot




photo of the supair step x color lilac
Photo ofglider Supair STEP X at flight distance
Photo by theglider SUPAIR STEP X in flight
photo of the glider Supair Step X ocean color at Dune du Pyla
paraglider Supair Step X in Jordan
Photo by theglider SUPAIR STEP X in flight
Photo by theglider SUPAIR STEP X in flight
Photo by theglider Supair STEP X in flight Cross Country
Photo by theglider SUPAIR STEP X in flight
Photo by theglider SUPAIR STEP X in flight
Photo by theglider SUPAIR STEP X in flight
Photo ofglider Supair STEP X at flight distance
Photo by theglider SUPAIR STEP X in flight
Photo of the STEP X color Lilac
Photo by theglider SUPAIR STEP X in flight
Photo by theglider SUPAIR STEP X in flight
Photo by theglider SUPAIR STEP X in flight
photo of the supair step x color lilac
Photo by theglider SUPAIR STEP X in flight
Photo by theglider SUPAIR STEP X in flight
Photo by theglider SUPAIR STEP X in flight