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Discover paragliding in a different way thanks to FLY TOPO

Are you ready to experience paraglider differently? Thanks to FLY TOPO, SUPAIR can take you to a new playground: flight bivouac.

What is flight bivouac?

If you haven't already done so, you've probably heard of flight bivouac. If not, we can describe it as a multi-day paraglider practice, during which the pilot alternates phases of walking and flight while carrying enough food to spend the night in the wild. To sum up flight bivouac simply: you climb onto a launch, fly (more or less far), land, find a nice place to sleep, and do it all over again the next day.

Walk, fly, sleep... These 3 steps may seem simple on paper, but to be carried out safely, the flight bivouac actually requires a great deal of preparation, whether in terms of equipment, piloting skills or aerological and topographical knowledge.

All this knowledge required for flight bivouac can be seen as a real brake for some pilots. They call it "too complicated", or "too technical" for them. However, just as some cross-country tricks are easier to perform than others, or some acro tricks are easier to learn than others, the same applies to flight bivouac! 

You have to start at the beginning, and that's where Supair comes in, to help you get to grips with this practice gently and safely.

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What is Fly Topo? 

FLY TOPO is a series of tutorials presenting flight bivouac circuits, explained in minute detail to help you embark on your adventure without taking risks.

From the ascent to the 1st deco to the return to the car, via flight and the night in a bivouac, our drivers will put their experience at your service to guide you safely through this new adventure.

The tutorials are initially presented in video format. Each episode is divided into 6 parts:

Bivouac BIRDY and ALTIRANDO with Enak Gavaggio

This section presents the conditions required to complete the route, and describes the different types of aerology you'll encounter during the flights. 

The purpose of the weather presentation is to show you how to spot the right conditions for a safe flight bivouac, and to help you anticipate any risks you may need to avoid.


Where Take-off, how to get there, the trails to follow, in short... This part will be your map of flight bivouac to know where to go with your glider on your back!

As well as guiding you on your expedition, FLY TOPO will be offering you a range of tours for all levels at Line .

This means that flight bivouacs are no longer reserved for pilots equipped with single-surface and harness string equipment! The most accessible routes can even be completed with non-light equipment.


This part concerns the presentation of the course to follow, what are the key passages of flight, how to position yourself to reach your objectives and where Land.

These explanations enable those unfamiliar with the terrain to familiarize themselves with it and fly it safely. However, this does not prevent more experienced pilots from taking more ambitious routes if they so wish, since the pilot remains in control of adapting each circuit to his or her level.


The "Night" chapter introduces you to the terrain and the equipment recommended for spending the night outdoors in complete peace of mind.


As the name suggests, these are the things you absolutely must avoid to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Be careful not to get yourself into a tricky situation!


All the tips and tricks you need to know to have a wonderful, risk-free time!

Each route is presented by an experienced pilot. His valuable advice will help you fly safely and make your life easier! So listen carefully...

Before embarking on a flight bivouac, study the topo carefully to ensure that nothing is left to chance. A successful adventure takes preparation!


You'll then find these video tutorials in paper format in the magazine paraglider Mag! So you'll always have it to hand, even when you're offline ...


With Fly Topo, Supair joins forces with seasoned pilots to provide you with the basic tools to make flight bivouac flying more accessible to everyone. We hope these tutorials will inspire you to create your own adventure, and help you take the plunge into new horizons.

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Fly Topo lets you explore new playgrounds with Supair!

1st episode FLY TOPO with Clément Latour

fly topo episode 1
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