Stefan Glosauer

Portrait – Stefan Glosauer


Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

SG: Stefan – I´m 55 years, living on the upper bavarian alpine rim, I’m a enthusiastic mtb freerider & ski mountaineer – rinding on the edge of possibilities, love road biking on alps passes – but my passion is paragliding.

Stefan Glosauer

When and how did you learn paragliding ?

I started with the famous paragliding sport in a time when pilots were heroes and jumping from every mountain – must be around the early 90´s, a time where the most pilots known each other. In the late 90´s I quit due to an uncontrolled crash and restarted in the mid 2005 – when the gliders became much more safe and powerful.

My first harness – a Supair Air Bulle – I kept as a memory to this time.


What is your kind of paragliding ?

XC Paragliding as well as hike&fly, best when i can combine both.


Could you share an interesting paragliding memory with us ?

It´s quite difficult to name only one. I´ve got impressive flights in and over the dolomites, flying together with family mate Manuel on the Zugspitz ridge and an eagle family, shared their airspace with us. A huge list of amazing XC flights on the main alps ridge, soaring into the sunset on a sicily dune……all unique.


What are your upcoming projects ?

I got no projects – projects hit me when they happen. I have dreams, one is a triangle with two times crossing the alps main ridge.

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