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The SORA 2 PLUS, the evolution of the SORA 2
A tandem glider that is easy to use, light and powerful, and will be the ideal companion for your daily duo rides.

Category: Tandem
Weight : 7,4kg in 38 / 7,8kg in 42

4 990,00

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  • On-site flight
  • Cross Country
  • Hike and fly
  • Tandem
  • Occasional
  • Regular
  • Professional
  • Novice
  • Intermediate
  • Seasoned
Accessories included

Inner bag

Repair kit

About the SORA 2 PLUS

The SORA 2 Plus is the 2021 version of our SORA 2. It incorporates several technical evolutions as well as a new, more dynamic look.


The SORA 2 Plus has a new, slightly more airy and dynamic look, with the addition of a coloured band on the leading edge of the bottom surface, as well as 3 new colours.

Technical Developments

The attachment points are completely new, made with a new braid. This braid has been designed especially for Supair by a French company, according to a strict aeronautical protocol, following Supair's specifications , allowing to reach breakage values far beyond anything else on the market. All the batches are tested in rupture with a requirement of a minimum of 150 kg of resistance.

This bracket is unique on the market and is the strongest available. It is identifiable by its colour, white with a red border.

A reinforcement has been added to the load bearing profiles for about 2/3 of the length of the glider starting from the centre. This reinforcement is a strip positioned right in the axis of the line, running from the top surface to the attachment point (on A, B and C).

The carefully placed NITINOL reinforcements of airfoil guarantee the glider and the inflation behaviour throughout the life span product.

Choice between friction ring or Pulley

The strap which holds the friction ring is fixed by a lark's head, allowing the ring to be easily replaced by a Pulley.
The SORA 2 Plus is fitted with the friction ring as standard but is also supplied with the Pulley to allow pilots to use the configuration of their choice.


The SORA 2 Plus retains all the qualities that made the SORA 2 so successful.

The SORA 2 PLUS is always perfect on take-off and at landing, it offers a precise and efficient turn. It has very little pitch oscillation in turbulent air, which means that the pilot does not get tired and the passenger can enjoy the Flight even more!

During the development process of the SORA 2, the team's ambition was clear: we had to design a worthy successor to the SORA 1. In addition to excellent handling and pleasant and efficient turning, the main qualities of its predecessor were its ease of use, low weight and high performance against the competition. The result is a glider that is easy to untangle, light and at the top of its game in terms of performance and speed.

We have given the SORA 2 a character of its own, more one-piece, more incisive on the roll and even more intuitive during the take-off and landing phases. The Sora 2 is an easy-to-use tandem glider, light and powerful, which will make your daily work easier and will be the ideal companion for your duo trips.

A slightly higher control firmness allows for a more precise turn than the SORA 1 and the new structure and use of sharknose offers a glider that deforms less on the chord in thermals.

The SORA 2 PLUS is also equipped with ergonomically optimised risers (loops main hook-up, strap marked trim on 4 different speeds).

Image Sora 2+ in action

3D model


  • Qualified tandem pilots
  • Take-off on foot or by winch
  • Trims
  • Ear kit
  • Adjustable brake clips
  • Long-lasting rushes
  • Wingtip dumping system
  • Upper fabric: Porcher Sport Skytex Universal 38 g/m².
  • Lower fabric: Porcher Sport Skytex Universal 32 g/m².
  • Ribs / roads fabric : Porcher Sport Skytex Hard 40 g/m².
  • Other Ribs / roads fabric: Porcher Sport Skytex Hard 32 g/m².
  • Upper lines : Liros
  • Lower lines: Edelrid
  • EN Standard
  • LTF Standard
  • glider SORA 2 PLUS
  • Inner bag for storage (inner bag)
  • User's manual
  • Repair kit

Technical video Sora 2 Plus

sora 2 + presentation video

Technical Data

SORA 2 PLUS 38 42
Number of cells 54 54
Flat area (m²) 38 42
Wingspan (m) 14,3 14,9
Max chord (m) 3,31 3,46
Flat aspect ratio 5,35 5,35
Number of main lines 3/3/3/2 3/3/3/2
Projected area (m²) 31,9 34,8
Projected span (m) 11,1 11,6
Projected aspect ratio 3,8 3,85
Glider Weight (kg) 7,4 7,8
Weight Range (kg) 110-190 120-220
Flying weight range optimal (kg) 120-170 150-190
Load factor 4,34 4,34
Scaling factor 0,92 1
Homologation EN - LTF B EN - LTF B
Number of risers 4 4




Image Sora 2+ in action
Image Sora 2+ in action
Image Sora 2+ in action
Packshot wing colour volcano


User's manual


glider Savage in action
eona3 in flight